Friday, June 26, 2009

It's A Psychobilly Freakout!

In non-Michael Jackson news, looks like I will be bringing back Psychobilly Freakout - my old radio show featuring rockabilly, psychobilly, and "oldies" rock 'n' roll. A buddy of mine recently acquired an Internet radio station and wants me involved.

The station is currently a work in progress, but it's going to feature early rock, rockabilly, garage rock, surf, and anything else you might hear when you walk into a 1950's car shop.

Don't forget, tomorrow in Buford is the King Daddy Polecats event at Triple Play and in the evening the Screamin' Demons make their return to the Atlanta music scene. You should come out for one (or both) of these events and not just because I'm a part of both. You should come because both events are guaranteed to be a blast.

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