Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drive Invasion Update

In case you hadn't heard, this year's Drive Invasion will only be one day - September 6th. The main reason is to cut down on costs and make the event more affordable given our current economic state.

I'm proud to say I was able to get Wanda Jackson booked for DI this year and she'll be one of the headliners. I'm waiting for the contract to arrive and we're already working on a band for her. I believe Johnny "Knox" McGowan is headlining this search.

Also in the works is The Fleshtones. Possibly Grinder Nova.

I'm working to get a couple more bands booked, such as Flathead Mike & The Mercurys and The Creeping Cruds. I'm not booking the event, but I am providing Bryan Malone (Star Bar and The Forty Fives) with a little assistance.

I'll provide you with more information as it unfolds.

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