Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ameripolitan Awards 2016

From now until the end of September, you can send in your votes to nominate people in the 3rd Anual Ameripolitan Music Awards. There are plenty of fantastic disc jockeys out there, but I'd like to ask for your vote this year.

I've enjoyed bringing some of the finest in rock 'n' roll music to your ears for the past 11 years and I do it with pure enjoyment. Hell, if I'm not enjoying it, then you probably aren't. From my start in college at Album 88 to a short stint on WREK, then finally finding a home on Garage 71 and EAVradio. I hope I've introduced some of you to new fantastical music and others I've reintroduced you to favorites you've forgotten.

All you need to do is copy and paste the info below and send an email to It's that simple! You can also submit for other categories, which I have listed at the bottom of this post. You don't have to fill out all of them, but if a name or band pops into your mind be sure to include them. Your vote counts!

Ameripolitan DJ: "Reverend" Andy Hawley

Other categories you can vote for:
Honky Tonk Female:
Honky Tonk Male:
Honky Tonk Group:
Outlaw Female:
Outlaw Male:
Outlaw Group:
Western Swing Female:
Western Swing Male:
Western Swing Group:
Rockabilly Female:
Rockabilly Male:
Rockabilly Group:
Ameripolitan Musician:
Ameripolitan Venue:
Ameripolitan Festival:

Spread the word and help me win this year's award! Thanks, friends and neighbors!

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