Friday, July 20, 2012

Preview of My Interview With Hot Rod Walt

I recently interviewed Hot Rod Walt with the Psycho DeVilles and the Hot Rod Walt Trio. The interview will be featured in the music section of Grease Inc. magazine (August issue), but until then enjoy this snippet where he discusses his "Yellow Jacket."

Reverend Andy: I'd love for you to talk about the Yellow Jacket - how did you acquire it, I know you got rid of it, then it came back to you.

Hot Rod Walt: I first saw the "Yellow Jacket" (a 1934 Ford 5-window Coupe) back in 1984-85 at the Carlisle Penn swap meet. I got the guy's number and started saving my money. Once I had all the cash, I called him, then a friend and I drove from north Jersey all the way down to Cape May after work one night. 

We arrived at daybreak, test drove it, then loaded it up and headed home. I terrorized Sussex county for two years with that car! I went through 3 engines and then sold it to build a Model A coupe with a Hemi. I immediately regretted that decision and called the guy every year for 22 years until he finally gave in and sold it back to me... in pieces. For TWICE what I sold it to him, but it's still worth every penny. I immediately started doing everything to it that I had dreamed of doing to it when I was a teenager. New dropped axle and 6-71 supercharged SBC with a 4 speed!

I ended up with two pretty cool songs about that car - "Yellow Jacket" and "Supercharger." I still have it today and it's in the middle of going through a major rebuild right down to the frame.

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