Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting Deep Fried and Sanctified

So often, I hear people talk about "the old days" when a club had some of their favorite bands perform or an area of town they used to roam around drinking, eating, laughing, and having a grand old time. That bar had all their favorites on draft. The little restaurant on the corner is where they'd meet all their friends for food before catching a band. These areas, once the property of the underground rockabilly scene, are now flooding with yuppies, hippies, bros, emo kids, hipsters, and the like. You know, scumbags!

Why not try taking these areas back from them? Why let them run rampant in a club or bar that you love and miss? Sure, you've moved on and found new places to hang out, but if this pattern keeps up you'll soon find yourself stuck sitting in the backyard drinking beer watching the bug zapper. 

How can this be accomplished? One way is to attend community and neighborhood meetings - show up and get involved. Yeah, they can be boring, but it's a better alternative to pillaging the area like a Viking. Show an interest in community affairs and invest time in expressing to the local owners how you dislike the direction their businesses have gone. 

One the best things you can do is to start shopping in the "infected" area. If you don't like a place in the area, shop their competitors. Instead of Home Depot, go to Ace Hardware. The people who complain, usually don't do these things, so don't be one of those people. The best way to support a neighborhood is with your money. Capitalism! 

The path to happiness is paved with good intentions, but the path to getting something accomplished is paved with actually doing something. If the clientele in an area changes, then the places will accommodate. Gone will be the emo rock shows and once again you can enjoy rockabilly in a place that used to be your home away from home. Once again, you can enjoy what you once lost while the hipsters and yuppies scurry away.

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