Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mission SLIMpossible #3

Last night I had a minor breakthrough. I was training with Justin and my last set of exercises was "the plank". He had me perform this one a couple of weeks ago and I noticed that this time it was easier than before! It dawned on me, more clearly than anything before, that I'm becoming stronger and my weight loss is making a huge difference.

I randomly notice changes in the shape of my body. This morning while putting on anti-perspirant I could actually see a bulge where my deltoid and tricep muscles are supposed to be located. I couldn't believe it and had to stop to touch them! It's like buying a new car and constantly discovering something new.

I can't wear a pair of my favorite pants anymore because they now look like clown pants due to their bagg-i-tude (very damn baggy). On the bright side, I was able to wear a pair of shorts I couldn't even button all of last year. I think that's a fair trade!

Do I have cravings? Sometimes I do, but they're far and few between. Do I get hungry? Oh hell yes I do because I went from eating ~3200 calories to 1800/day. That doesn't mean I give in to my wants, especially now that I've seen some results. I don't think I could have accomplished as much as I have without the guidance of Justin and Scott at Village Fitness. That may sound like a plug, but I'm sure I would have given in to wanting a Reese's or thinking, "I can go to the gym tomorrow." These guys know what they're doing, they're great motivators, and they actually give a shit about my health.

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