Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vote Reverend Andy Best Radio DJ in Creative Loafing

Friends, neighbors, listeners...

I'd like to ask you to help me out with something. In Atlanta, we have a magazine called Creative Loafing and each year they have a "Best of" contest. My request is that you vote for me, Reverend Andy Hawley, as Best Radio DJ - even if you don't live in Atlanta. My show is global now, but I have a huge Atlanta audience.

Link to my radio show!

You will need to sign in in order to be able to vote, it's easy, just sign up with your email address on line and start voting! I promise they don't sign you up for spam. I've signed up in years past and have never received junk mail as a result.

Link to sign up/vote!

I appreciate you taking the time to do this. Thank ya, thank ya very much! I also have some recommendations if you want to vote for more than just myself:

Radio station: Garage 71
Local (club) DJ: Reverend Andy
Free annual event - Art-B-Que
Local blogger - Katherine Lashe
Local comedian - Sabrina Pandora
Comedy venue - Village Theater
Local promoter - Mon Cherie
Burlesque troupe - Blastoff Burlesque
Advocate for the Arts: Jinx Strange
Emerging Visual Artist: Danny Simanjaya

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